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There are many of us who have gone through a technological problem that has to do with the battery of our computers. At first, especially when you don’t have much knowledge about how to repair a laptop, the desperation of trying to find the fault increases. The anxiety of not finding a timely response means that we cannot even think about what to do at that precise moment when we no longer have our equipment.

The reasons why an electronic device has stopped working are many. Still, if we have to make a list of the most common reasons why this happens, surely the battery failure will be at the top of it.

Fortunately, if this is the problem with a computer, solving it will be one of the easiest tasks around the laptop repair service.

Is it necessary to change the battery?

Whether or not to change a Gigabyte battery in Madrid may depend on various factors. The most common is to perform the procedure when the error is obvious, but sometimes it is not and the most suitable solution is just this.

The specific answer to this question is yes, but first you should go to a specialized computer specialist, in case you are having a problem with your equipment and you think it is due to this piece, so that their professionals can verify if the change should be made or No.

Likewise, even if the error is not noticeable, changing the Gigabyte battery is something that may be necessary, depending on what a technician observes when servicing your computer (if you do not carry out this practice from time to time, it’s time for you to start doing it)

Remember that this element, like other elements of the device, deteriorate over time. We would like them to last intact for life, but it is not always possible.

On the other hand, ask yourself: what would be the use of having a laptop if its battery is not working well and the equipment must remain plugged in during all the time of use? It wouldn’t be so portable anymore, would it? Therefore, that solution that some users have found is not feasible, so we recommend that you change the Gigabyte battery when this part starts to give you problems.

Symptoms of a bad battery and what to change

Do you have conflicts when charging your laptop battery? This could be one of the most common issues seen at Gigabyte and non-Gigabyte service centers. But how can you get an idea that this is really the part that you need to change and not another one, for example, the charger? Check if your computer suffers from any of these errors:

  • Low durability: it usually happens when you can charge the laptop as usual, but, once the charger is unplugged, the PC lasts very little time on. If before it lasted about 5 hours (according to the specifications of your equipment) now it lasts 2 or less. There are even cases in which it does not remain in operation for even half an hour.
  • You plug in the device, but it does not charge: despite the fact that you have connected the corresponding wiring, the battery does not charge even a minimum percentage and it does not do so in the next few minutes. Likewise, the LED light flickers or simply does not turn on.
  • The capacity is not the same as when you bought the laptop: previously you could see how it was charged to 100%, fully and how it should be. But now it doesn’t. In fact, the most it is capable of is a 50% load or less.

But the fact that you have any of these incidents does not mean that the conclusion is really that you need to change the Gigabyte battery in Madrid or in any other part of Spain where you are. Similar cases have occurred in our GigaTecnology labs and the ultimate answer is to perform a service procedure on the motherboard or charger in the computer.

It is not at all recommended that you buy a part for what you think may be the problem. The assistance of expert professionals in the brand will always be necessary to give you the best alternative to your case and so that you do not have to incur unnecessary expenses in elements that you will not use later, at least in the near future.

No matter what the real cause of the failure is, rest assured that we can help you today.

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